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Location : Kalives , Armenon (Head Office)  - 125A Milonogianni Str. (Branch)

Contact : ( +30) 28210 087257, (+30) 6977444935

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Real estate in places you will adore: Real estate in Crete. Tradition that lives through the centuries. It lives here. With you. With a view to infinity. To the mountains, the White Mountains. The sea. The Gulf of Souda. Everywhere. We create. We build the house of your dreams. In Crete. 

Properties purchase/sale, properties appraisal, restoration and construction of traditional houses, building licenses, topographic services, inheritance and tax settlements, land registry research: complete real estate services and solutions that better suit your needs and demands.

That is why our brand name is "Kerdos" which means PROFIT: Your choice's profit - Your life's profit!


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