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Location: 116 Skalidi Str  ,   Contact: T (+30) 28210 92949

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Wherever one might be in the world, ABEA, with just a few drops of Cretan olive oil, brings a taste of the Cretan lifestyle to one’s home. It is the way of life that has been passed down from the Minoan civilization and has become a byword of the Cretan diet.   Today our company has branched out to process the entirety of the bounty offered by the olive tree.   Green soap for the hair, for the body, for the clothes, for every use … For centuries a secret for personal hygiene and cleanliness maintained until today. Ever since its foundation, in 1889, ABEA has been producing traditional olive oil soaps, but now it has also launched a variety of olive oil-based care products. The new OLIVA paraben free product line consists of scented soaps with olive oil, shampoo and hair conditioner, shower gel and body cream and liquid soap. All with smells of the Cretan nature; honey, orange, lavender. OLIVA products are also available in smaller packaging aiming at the hotel market.   ABEA Cretan olive oil is distinguished by its excellent organoleptic characteristics. It owes its incomparable taste and excellent aroma to the Cretan soil, the variety of the olive fruit, the abundant sunshine and the dry climate of the island, and of course to the love of the Cretans for the olive tree.

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