Venetian Chania Old Harbor Chania

Center of Mediterranean Architecture

Considered and not unjustly of the most beautiful cities of Mediterranean, built

around 1320 by the Venetians. 

The multicultural identity of the Venetian port of Chania is obvious with a simple walk in the

medieval alleys where the history has left its mark on every corner of the Old City, from the

fortress Firka (built by the Venetians to protect the harbor entrance from invaders, Yali Tzamisi

(which means in Turkish, a seaside mosque), Neoria (it was shipbuilding and repairing ships)

up the Egyptians Lighthouse. 

In the northwestern part of the Old Town, next to the Nautical Museum you will meet the picturesque

Angelou pathway leading you in the neighborhood of Topana, Venetian mansions

and houses from the Ottoman period.

The heart of the city beats in the Venetian harbor with several restaurants, cafe-bars and more.


Topanas : took its name from the Turkish word Top Hane, (meaning artillery arsenal balls) they there were the Venetian military depots. 

This quarter along with Ovraiki or Jewish are considered as the most beautiful 

Venetian Chania Old Harbor Map

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