Chania Events Guide
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Chania Events Guide
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Chania Events Guide
Chania Travel Guide
Chania Events
Apart from the Summer Festival in the town of Chania with theatre performances, musical evenings, art
exhibitions and concerts, in Chania and the surrounding area rich and interesting cultural displays are
organised throughout the year by the authorities,
cultural unions, foundations and by citizens. The "Venizelia"
Games and the Naval Week are also organised.
Cultural Activities
The visitors of Chania, during their stay, have the opportunity to enjoy themselves, discover our tradition,
culture and history, watch sports, taste authentic Cretan products and experience our cordial hospitality.

March: Carnival festivities in Chania, Souda, Palaiochora, Kalives, Vatolako.

May: Second fortnight, celebration of the battle of Crete. It includes events commemorating those who were
killed and several cultural events.

"Koresia" athletic games Canoe kayak at Kournas Lake.

Beginning of the summer: Venizelia - National track events at the National Stadium of Chania.

May - September: Athletic events in the municipality of Nea Kydonia which include: Beach volley - Beach
Soccer - Beach Handball and racket games.

July - August - September: Cultural Summer Events of the municipality of Chania.They include music and
stage performances at the theatre of Eastern Trench, Public Garden, Venizelio music school, Park of Peace
and Friendship and other events in several neighbourhoods of the town. Cultural summer events are also
organised by the municipality of Kisamos, Nea Kydonia, Pelekanos and Georgioupolis.

June: Cherries Festivity in Karanou.

24 June: Festivity of St. Ioannis Klidonas, in Fres, Akrotiri, Perivolia, Therisso, Vamvakopoulo.

29 June - 6 July: Naval week festival.

21-28 July: Elafonisia - Municipality of Inahorio. They include: memorial service at the monument of Elafonisi,
athletic games, performances, festivity in honour  of the elderly and traditional treat.

26 July: "Promotion of Kisamos" - Club, Grambousa pilgrimage excursion from the port of Kisamos to Balos
and to the island of Grambousa.

30 July: "Pottery Festival" in Noxia.

30-31 July: Wine festival in Vouves.

First Sunday of August: Blessing of the fruit of the earth at the Monastery of Archangel Michael (Rotonda) Kato

July: Festivity of Kalitsouni cheese pie, in Kandanos.

July: Naval week in the old harbour and every second year in Palaiochora and Georgioupolis.

8-9 August: Wine festival in Vouves.

1-10 August: Venetian Harbour of Chania photography exhibition for Chania Music Tradition, dance - dancers.

16 August: Honey Festival in Afrata.

1-10 September: Sardine festival in Nea Chora and in Souda.

27 September: World Day of Tourism. Festive events at the old harbour of Chania.

End of October or beginning of November: Chestnut festivity in Prases and Elos

November: Tsikoudia (local drink) festivity in Neoria - Chania, Loutraki Kidonias, Kandanos, Lake of Platanias.

31 December - 1 January: Festive welcome of the new year at the Market Square organised by the Municipality
of Chania.
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Events Cultural
Celebrations and Fairs
In Chania, the residents celebrate all year round. The most well-known celebrations though are the fairs in
honour of the patron saint of each village. To these a number of anniversaries of national importance can be
added, such as the Battle of
Crete every May, and the national celebrations on October 28th and March 25th.
Exhibitions of products, street markets etc. are organised. Of particular interest are also celebrations during
the production of tsikoudia, wine, or the picking of cherries, oranges, chestnuts, etc. All these celebrations are
accompanied by
traditional dances and songs and rich food and drinks are offered. The "Agricultural
is held at the old Venetian port of Chania during the first ten days of the month. The event aims at
agriculture and agrotourism in the Chania prefecture.

Some of the most famous festivals are listed below:

Sfakia Saint John, Saint John, May 8: Traditional Sfakiano festival.
Azogyras, Holy Fathers, October 7: In the beautiful village visited the impressive cave of the Holy Fathers.
Aradena, Archangel Michael, November 8: Top right of the impressive canyon of the Gorge, in the desert, but
beautiful village.
Asi Gonia, St. George, April 23 or the day after Easter: Big festival. All the shepherds of the region download
their animals after the operation to bless and then milk them and distribute milk to the pilgrims.
Marsh, St Fair, May 6: Excellent view of a unique festival.
Therissos, the Assumption, August 15: In the beautiful village Venizelos declared the revolution of 1905.
Kandanos, Ascension , The festival has no date, it is a moving - 40 days after the Orthodox Easter
Koustogerako, St. Catherine, November 25: High above the Koustogerako with magical views of the festival
is in commemoration of salvation and the rebels who were hiding from the Germans in a nearby cave.
Lissos, San Kirikos, July 15: In ancient Lissos believers arrive either on foot or by boat from Sougia early
afternoon stay. Real Seliniotiko feast on a fabulous site.
Paleochora, Annunciation, March 25: Many institutions and fun all over Paleochora, in early spring.
Sempronas, Apopigadi, Saint John, June 24: One of the festivals, is a very high location with incredible views.
Sougia, playgrounds, St. Anthony 1-2 July: Unique traditional festival in the seaside chapel in playgrounds.
The journey on foot from the E4 footpath leading from St Sougia Roumeli lasts 2 hours with a unique
background to the Libyan Sea and the rugged pine-covered peaks. There is the possibility to go by boat and by
Sougia. Overnight in the countryside.
Strovles, Holy Spirit , The festival has no date, it is a moving - 50 days after the Orthodox Easter
Sfakia Thymiana Madonna, last Sunday in May.
Chrisoskalitissa, the Assumption, August 15
: In the beautiful monastery real "balcony" on the Libyan Sea a
famous festival.
Frangokastello, Agios Nikitas, September 15: Grand festival during which horse races are.
Floria, Archangel Michael, November 8: Small traditional feast.

Other festivals too, by date, are:

August 6, Transfiguration of Christ: Xirosterni, Tzitzifies Karras Kissamos, Sassalo
15 August, the Assumption of the Virgin: Bulgaria Panagia Korfis, Kolimbari Corner, Pemonia, Fre, Exopolis,
Litsarda, Alikambos, Kefalas, Kalikratia, Koustogerako
Aug. 29, of St. John the Baptist: Rodopou Giona, Douliana, post Kournas
September 8, the Genesis Day: Gavalohori Tzitzifies Sassalo
Sept. 14, the Holy Cross: Nippos, Rodovani
September 15, Agios Nikitas: Kambia
Research and Conferences
The Technical University of Crete, the Technical Education Institute, the Subtropical Plants and Olive Tree
Institute of
Chania, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH), the Orthodox Academy in
Kolymbari, the St. Sophia Foundation, the Centre of
Mediterranean Architecture, the Intellectual Centre of
Chania as well as other institutions, carry out research of a high standard and organize interesting
presentations, seminars and international conventions. Along with the facilities for conventions that exist in the
above mentioned institutions, many presentations and international conventions are held in first-class hotel
facilities with the help of well-trained staff.
Holy Week: in the whole prefecture the Passion Week is devoutly celebrated. On Easter Day festivities with
lamb on the spit, wine and dance are organised.

25 March: Annunciation: Palaioxora, music and fun in the whole village, in the Spring.

23 April or the next day of the Easter: festivity of St. George: in Vrises and Nea Roumata, in Kalogeroa of
Strovles,  Psathogianno, Kambanos, Platanias and Asi Gonia.  In Asi Gonia the shepherds of the area brng
their flocks for the holy water rites. Milk, meat and pilaff are offered.

Friday after Easter: Zoodohos Pigi: Kera beach, Kalives

Holy Trinity (usually during May): Kalives.

Assumption: Kandanos (1).

6 May: St. Dikaios: Elos, beautiful view and a unique festival.

8 May: St. John: St. John Sfakia. Traditional local festival.

Holy Spirit: Strovles (2).

Last Sunday of May: Thymian Virgin Mary: Sfakia.

8 June: St. Theodoroi: on Thodorou island.

24 June: St. John: Sebronas, Apopigadi, the festival takes place on a very high place with unique view.

29 June: Petros and Pavlos festivity: Kalives.

1-2 July: St. Antony: Sougia, Harei. Traditional festival which takes place in Harei. The way to Harei on foot is
two hours using the E4 path from Sougia Agia Roumeli and has amazing view to the beach and the
mountains. Man can also go by boat from Sougia. At night you stay in the countryside.

15 July: St. Kirikos: Lissos.

6 August: "The transfiguration of the saviour": in Kalives, Xirosterni, Likotinara, Gigifes "The Christ of the
Spring, Voukolies, Maleme, Kakopetro, Plemeniana, Karres, Sassalos.

15 August: "Tha Assumption of the Virgin": Voulgaro, Gonia, Pemonia, Fre, Kolibari, Hrisoskalitisa, Platania,
Therisos, Palaia Roumata, Kefalas, Pemonia,Meskla, Loutraki, Orthouni, Exopolis, Litsarda, Alikabos, Kalives,
Kefalas Vamou, Kalikratis, Koustogerako.

24 August: St. Fanourios: in Vrises Apokoronas, Kiparisos, Rapaniana.

29 August: St. Ioannis Rigologos: in Giona Rodopos, Manoliopoulo, Kournas, Douliana, Stilos.

14 September: The Holy Cross: Alikianos, Xamoudoxori, Varipetro, Tavronitis, Nippos, Rodovani.

15 September: St, Nikitas: in Fragokastelo with the organisation of horse races and athletic games

24 September: Virgin Mary Mirtidiotisa: Kalives.

7 Octomber: Holy Fathers: in Azogire.

8 November: Michael Archangel: Floria, Aradaina.

21 November: The presentation of the virgin Mary: at the Cathedral of Chania.

25 November: St. Kathrin: Koustogerako.

6 December: St. Nikolas: Souda island, Splangia.

12 December: St. Spriridonas: Cathedral of Kissamos.

24 December: Christmas night: Representation of the birth of Jesus in Topolia and Marathokefalas caves.
Chania Events Guide
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Chania Events Guide
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